2020 Airfield Rehabilitation Complete

The project included work to resurface the entire length of Runway 15L/33R and to replace sections of Hotel taxiway, which supports the operation of our longest runway, 05/23. We were able to use the current downturn in air traffic to reduce the potential for disruptive aircraft patterns and deliver a more extensive construction program than we had originally planned.

This work was completed during a time of great upheaval in the aviation industry, requiring close collaboration within the airport community to get this work done safely and effectively. The COVID-19 pandemic was not the only challenge that faced in completing this project; the teams overseeing construction also had to contend with the arrival of the world’s largest aircraft and changes in our terminal infrastructure.

Here are some numbers to give you a sense of how big this project really was!

  • 0 lost time injuries
  • 200,000+ hours of work
  • 22 work sites
  • 1,580 new LED lights installed
  • 28,000 m² of new concrete paving
  • 76,000 tonnes of new asphalt (enough for a two lane 30km road!)
  • 1 whole runway resurfaced

Runway 06R/24L will remain temporarily closed for the winter of 2020/2021. The re-opening date will be confirmed in 2021.

Any other current closures or restrictions are due to regular ongoing maintenance. Find out more about regular routine maintenance

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