Taxis and limos

Official airport taxi and limo drivers.

Always at your service.

  • Fully trained professional drivers
  • Any day, every day, any time
  • Flat rates including HST and no surge pricing

How to spot a licensed taxi or limo

For your safety and security, be sure to choose a licensed taxi or limo. They charge flat rates – no surge pricing – to Toronto destinations, accept all major credit cards and meet safety requirements. Airport limos are premium black cars and charge approximately 10% more than a taxi.

  1. Go to the designated pick up area on the terminal curbs, Arrivals Level.
  2. Look for the GTAA number plate on the bumper and decal on the window.
  3. Ask about the flat rate fare information in the vehicle.

Where to hire a taxi or limo

Licensed taxis and limos do not pick up passengers inside the terminals or parking garages.

Terminal 1 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Door D
  • Limos: Door C

Terminal 3 – Arrivals Level (Map)

  • Taxis: Doors D, E and F
  • Limos: Door F

Taxi and limo rates

Taxis and limos charge flat rates for travel from the airport to destinations within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) based on time and distance. You can pay for your fare with cash, credit card or Canadian debit.

If you're travelling outside the GTA, check the Out-of-Town Tariff map to find out how much it costs. Any area that is not listed on this tariff map will be $1.55/km for taxis, or $1.65/km for limousines. Always confirm the airport taxi rates with the driver before leaving the terminal.

Travelling with animals

By law, drivers can refuse to take passengers with animals, unless they are service or assistance animals. If you are travelling with an animal and need help hiring a taxi or limo, ask the attendant at the curb to find a vehicle that will accommodate you.

Service/assistance animals and mobility aids

If you are travelling with a service animal, you can take the first vehicle in the taxi or limo line-up. Passengers who use small mobility aids cannot be refused, hindered or charged additional fees to transport their equipment. Examples of small mobility aids include:

  • Prostheses
  • Canes
  • Crutches
  • Walkers
  • Some foldable wheelchairs

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