Height, Noise and Zoning Compliance

Height compliance

Any developments, like buildings, structures, towers or antennae, that are affected by Obstacle Limitation Surfaces, ICAO Type A Surfaces, or the Airport Operating Area (AOA) must be reviewed prior to starting any construction activities.

Zoning compliance review

To apply for zoning compliance review, send the following items to Construction Compliance and Permits at constructioncompliance@gtaa.com:

  1. A completed Zoning Compliance Review Request Form (PDF, 143 KB)
  2. A site plan drawing, in CAD (preferred) or PDF format, showing the footprint, orientation and the coordinates of the outside corners of the proposed building or structure. If the coordinates are not available, provide the building or structure dimensions to nearby permanent roads or adjacent structures that would enable the determination of an approximate location and orientation within the site. For GTAA Projects, submit the site plan showing the proposed structure in MicroStation V8 format in compliance with the GTAA Airport Data and Drawing Management Standards Manual (DDMSM).
  3. Finished floor elevation or ground elevation (Above Sea Level).
  4. Total height of all the structures including any rooftop HVAC units, ladders, railings or architectural features.
  5. For projects on airport lands or in the immediate vicinity of the airport, include details to determine compliance with restrictions associated with NAV CANADA's aeronautical facilities and telecommunication systems and flight procedures, such as:
    • Exterior walls and roofing materials being used
    • Technical specifications of solar roof panels
    • Exterior lighting/illumination systems
    • Antennas
    • Radio transmitters
    • Cell towers

Processing time

NAV CANADA’s independent review may take 12 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the project. To avoid delays, submit your zoning compliance review request as soon as possible.

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