Reminder: as part of our Healthy Airport commitment, passengers are reminded that vented masks with exhalation valves are prohibited by Transport Canada.
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Ongoing innovation

From trialing new solutions to enhancing existing policies and processes, we’re constantly looking at new ways to make your airport experience healthier.

  • A passenger disinfection corridor is currently being trialed, which mists passengers with a fresh-smelling, non-toxic salt water solution (sodium chloride) that will disinfect clothing, luggage and more.
  • Installing UV-C light sterilization units on the handrails of selected escalators and moving walkways to help reduce the spread of potentially harmful microorganisms.
  • We are installing plexiglass barriers separating the front and back seats in all licensed taxis and limos.
  • A trial of wearable technology for selected employee groups is currently ongoing with the aim of helping to ensure that physical distancing guidelines are followed.
  • Newly installed indoor air quality monitoring stations are in place in both Terminals 1 and 3, providing accurate, up-to-date information on each terminal’s air quality and air flow. Moreover, the public can view real-time data at any time by visiting
  • Six autonomous floor cleaners are in operation throughout the terminal to clean and disinfect floor surfaces.
  • The GTAA has partnered with BlueDot to monitor and manage risk from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. The Toronto-based technology firm’s outbreak risk software safeguards lives by mitigating exposure to infectious diseases that threaten human health, security, and prosperity.
  • Introduced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE ) vending machines to our terminals to provide easy access to items such as face masks, hand sanitizer and wipes. The machines are cashless and can be found in six convenient locations pre-security (four in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 3).

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