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Press release

Noise Management Action Plan

December 7, 2018

TORONTO, CANADA – As the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport, the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) recognizes that airports have impacts, such as noise, on local communities. While noise can’t be eliminated completely, the GTAA believes that continuous improvements should be studied, discussed, and implemented with communities.

Earlier this year, the GTAA launched its 2018–2022 Noise Management Action Plan, a five-year strategy for limiting noise from its operations. The plan contains ten commitments to the community and nine programs to deliver. The elements of the Action Plan build from international best practices and recommendations from residents on airport growth and noise fairness.

For more than 20 years, the GTAA’s Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC) has been the only formal forum for elected officials, community members, and the public to participate in regular discussions with industry partners about airport noise impacts. As the GTAA moves to deliver on the ambitious Noise Management Action Plan, more forums for more productive, sustainable, and inclusive discussions with stakeholders are necessary.

In 2019, the GTAA is launching the Toronto Pearson Noise Management Forums, a series of briefings, tables, and working groups that will help the airport work smarter with its communities and collaborate better with industry.

Noise Accountability Board: This is an industry committee made up of senior representatives from the GTAA, NAV CANADA, Transport Canada, airline representatives, as well as senior public servants from neighbouring municipalities and the province of Ontario. This Board will meet quarterly and will provide technical expertise on noise and growth initiatives, spurring action and collaboration to progress the airport’s Noise Management Action Plan. Materials will be made available publicly following each meeting.

Pearson Public Meetings: This is a series of expanded-format public meetings that will take place three times a year, designed for residents to learn more about airport operations, hear about the airport’s noise management efforts, and provide feedback to industry partners. These meetings will be live-streamed and recorded, and the materials will be made available publicly afterwards. Community groups and elected officials are welcome to attend.

Political Briefings: This is a dedicated forum hosted three times a year, where elected officials from all levels of government receive Noise Management Action Plan briefings and represent their constituents’ interests in the noise management conversation with industry partners. Materials will be made available publicly following each meeting.

Neighbourhood Table: This is a dedicated table hosted three times a year, where residents’ associations and noise groups receive Noise Management Action Plan briefings and participate in the noise management conversation with industry partners. These meetings will provide a better forum to have more detailed, informed, and responsive discussions than are possible at larger public events. Materials will be made available publicly following each meeting.

Community Advisory Committees and Reference Panels: These will provide residents with the opportunity to contribute to the development of airport noise policies for specific elements of the Noise Management Action Plan.

Community Proposal Review Panel: This is a panel of industry experts that will provide a preliminary review of community-based proposals for noise management. The Community Proposal Review Panel will publicly publish the submissions it receives, as well as its responses, twice per year.

External Process Audit: Every two years, a third-party assessment will be commissioned to evaluate the airport’s activities and progress towards delivering the Noise Management Action Plan. Results will be reported publicly.

With the Noise Management Forums in place, the GTAA will retire the Community Environment and Noise Advisory Committee (CENAC). The airport has outgrown a single noise committee and the GTAA believes the new Noise Management Forums will provide a more inclusive way to engage with all stakeholder groups while enabling action on noise mitigation goals.

In concert with the activities of the new Noise Management Forums, the GTAA will continue to host resident working groups, workshops, special public meetings and other initiatives to inform the development of new policies and programs described by the Noise Management Action Plan. More information regarding the Noise Management Forums will be available at in early 2019.

About Toronto Pearson

The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The GTAA’s vision is to make Toronto Pearson the best airport in the world. Towards this objective, the GTAA focuses on ensuring the safety and security of passengers and airport employees, enhancing the passenger experience and supporting the success of its airline partners. Toronto Pearson served more than 47 million passengers in 2017, making it Canada's largest airport and the second-busiest North American international airport.

The area around Toronto Pearson is the second-largest employment zone in Canada. The airport facilitates 6.3% per cent of Ontario's GDP, directly employs 49,000 people and facilitates more than 300,000 jobs throughout the province of Ontario. Toronto Pearson believes that being a good neighbour means growing together with the communities it serves. To this end, the airport invests in social good and community-building initiatives through its community investment program, The Propeller Project.

For more information, please visit Toronto Pearson on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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