Airside airport tours

Due to COVID-19, we have suspended our public tour program. However, we are pleased to offer this look at airplanes from the perspective of our own Tour Specialist, Russ. Russ shares the things he looks for when out on the airfield, and hopes to see you on a tour again one day soon.

Want to identify the aircraft that operate at Toronto Pearson while on your tour? Download our Spotter’s Guide (PDF, 3636 KB) and use your smartphone or tablet to identify the aircraft during the tour.

Do you ever wonder where your baggage goes after check in? Or how many different machines are used to clear snow from the runway? Or how we control wildlife at the airport?

Toronto Pearson’s Airside Tours provides a unique look at what it takes to keep our airport running every day. Learn about the history of the airport, the economic impact, its operations and how we are giving back to local communities through our investment program, the Propeller Project.

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