Publications and reports

The cover page of the Toronto Pearson Noise Management Action Plan

Growing Responsibly: The 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan

After a two-year process that included extensive community engagement, we have created this updated Noise Management Action Plan.

This Action Plan outlines 10 new commitments with regards to consultation, environmental responsibility, operational changes, monitoring and reporting aircraft noise, as well as taking a leadership role in industry collaboration that develops concrete action.

The cover page of the Toronto Pearson Quieter Operations Roadmap

A Quieter Operations Roadmap

Six Ideas to reduce noise impacts for our neighbours: Public Engagement Report

The cover page of the Toronto Pearson Best Practices in Noise Management Report

Best Practices in Noise Management Report (2017)

Early Turn Trials

This report provides historical data on Propeller Aircraft Turns and Early Jet Turns departures from Runways 24 Left and Right.

2019 Monthly Noise Statistics

GTAA Enforcement and Night Flight Statistics

Annual Noise Reports

These reports provide annual statistical information related to the Noise Management Program.

Maps and Tools

The Toronto Pearson Airport Operating Area (AOA) and Noise Exposure Forecast (NEF) contours map is intended to help communicate the impact of aircraft activity on communities near Toronto Pearson.

Webtrak is another useful tool as it provides near-real time and historical flight data so community members can investigate aircraft operations from any computer with internet access.

Night Flight Restriction Program

NAV CANADA (air traffic control)

NAV CANADA, the country's air navigation services provider, plays a key role in designing and publishing the network of air routes that an aircraft uses to get to its destination.

Transport Canada Enforcement

Transport Canada publishes the names of all corporations that have violated the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). This includes noise violations.

Visit the Transport Canada website to see the names of offending corporations, along with a summary of their offences and the resulting sanctions.

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