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    If you’re looking for an exciting and dynamic place to open or expand your business, look no further than Toronto Pearson.

    We are a constant hub of activity. Located in the heart of Ontario's "Golden Horseshoe", we welcome millions of guests every year as well as the thousands of employees who arrive for work every day. For guests, Toronto Pearson is the ultimate place to relax, shop and dine. If you want to take advantage of an incredible business opportunity and be a part of it all, don't hesitate to contact us.

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    Alternatively the BIA form may be mailed to this address: 
    Attn: Business Interest Application (BIA) Team

    Greater Toronto Airports Authority

    Toronto Pearson International Airport

    P.O.Box 6031, 3111 Convair Drive

    Toronto AMF, Ontario, Canada

    L5P 1B2

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