• Construction at Toronto Pearson


    The Construction Compliance & Permits Office defines all relevant regulatory and airport compliance requirements for the construction of facilities at Toronto Pearson International Airport; and verifies that facility construction adheres to the Airport Construction Code, specifically:

    • Building Code Compliance Assessment for all construction projects on airport lands;
    • Health and Safety Assessment for all contractors working on construction projects on airport lands;
    • Utilities Locates and the Utility Damage Prevention Program Overview for all GTAA utilities on Airport lands; and
    • Issuance of Facility Alteration Permits, and Occupancy/Use Permits for projects implemented on Airport lands.

    Construction Process

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    • New Contractor Onboarding

      Please note that this step is only for new contractors and will not be completed for every project.

      GTAA Safety Pre-Qualification Application Form and GTAA Safety Pre-Qualification Application Protocol - Contractors are required to meet the GTAA established levels of safety competence and compliance by successfully completing the Application for Safety Pre-Qualification, which will be administered during the competitive bidding (either request for proposals or tender) process for construction contracts.

      IHSA Certificate of Recognition (COR) - All contractors must be Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified by January 2017. This will be a requirement for all contractors bidding on jobs at the GTAA to have applied for, or already have. By achieving COR, the contractor demonstrates their health and safety management system has been developed, implemented, and evaluated on an annual basis through comprehensive internal and external audits and checks. Please visit ihsa.ca/cor for more detailed information.


    • Access to GTAA ProjectWise and eShare

      Consultants and contractors working on GTAA-sponsored projects at the airport are able to request direct access to the GTAA technical document management system, ProjectWise, and the cloud-based document collaboration and transfer system, eShare, where direct access to ProjectWise is not required. For Contractors working on GTAA projects, you may request access to either system through your GTAA Project Manager or Tenant representative.

    • Data Provision Request

      Questions? Contact the Engineering Data team.


      Data provisions are prepared every Friday for requests received before the end of business on Wednesday of the same week. Include the following on the Data Request Form:

      • GTAA project manager, or leasing representative must be noted on all requests for information;
      • GTAA project number or lease agreement number must be included if assigned;
      • Detailed description of project;
      • Specific location of project; and
      • Recipient of information.

      NOTE: Engineering Data will deliver a transmittal document to the recipient of the information to be provided as part of the request. The transmittal document must be signed and returned to the GTAA by a signing authority of the requesting company before data will be supplied.

      By signing, the requesting company acknowledges and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions laid out on the transmittal document and commits to provide final as-built and/or record data to the GTAA upon completion of the project.

    • Drawing Number Requests

      Drawings numbers can only be assigned by the GTAA Engineering Data unit. Please prepare a list of drawings in Excel format and forward to the Supervisor Engineering Data Operations. The list should include a drawing description, sheet numbers if applicable and be grouped by discipline.

    • CADD Standards

      All construction projects at the GTAA require that detailed drawings (Adobe PDF files for all sheet drawings and CADD data used to produce the plans) detailing all work to be completed are submitted. Please ensure that you review the GTAA CADD Standard Guide before your design team starts their work to ensure all submission requirements are understood and your drawings and data will be in an acceptable format for turn-over. Contact the Engineering Data unit if you have any questions about the CADD Standards.

    • Record Data Submissions

      Upon completion of construction, final turnover of documentation must include a single contiguous CADD dataset for each engineering discipline as laid out in the GTAA CADD Standards Guide, in addition to Adobe PDF and source CADD sheet files of stamped as-built files. Please review the Record Data Submissions Guide prior to initiating design to avoid delays for your project's final close-out. Contact the Engineering Data Unit if you have any questions about the requirements.

  • References

    Airport Construction Code:

    Airport Construction CodeAirport Construction Guide

    The Airport Construction Code provides a comprehensive and precise set of requirements to assist in the planning and construction of the operational areas and structures controlled by the GTAA, as well as land parcels and spaces leased to GTAA's tenants.

    Adherence is mandatory for all construction at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

    The Construction Compliance & Permits Office administers its role through this code to regulate design standards and control construction practices of permitted projects.

    Guideline Documents



    Contact the Construction Compliance & Permits Office at (416) 776-5400.