• Wildlife Control


    With approximately one third of our property covered by grass, flood plains and land leased for agricultural purposes, the presence of wildlife is only natural. In fact, the Etobicoke Creek provides a long, undisturbed stretch of bird habitat and acts as a wildlife corridor for many species of mammals.

    For the safety of travellers, the movement of birds and wildlife is controlled through our wildlife program in accordance with Transport Canada. It’s important for us to find natural solutions for animal control on our property, and our specially trained wildlife control officers do just that, handling wildlife through:

    • Habitat manipulation
    • Ethical trapping
    • Falconing – Falcons are used to help naturally control birds

    Toronto Pearson has gained quite a reputation in the aviation industry for implementing one of the most comprehensive and innovative wildlife control programs of its kind in Canada. After all, we do welcome all walks of life here.