• Fire Prevention at Toronto Pearson

    Toronto Pearson takes fire prevention very seriously. In January 2000, we implemented the Fire Prevention division with the goal of implementing numerous prevention initiatives throughout the airport. With thousands of flights and millions of passengers passing through our airport annually, the tasks associated with preventing fires are ongoing.

    The Fire Prevention team is made up of six full time staff:

    • Chief Fire Prevention Officer  
    • Four Fire Prevention Officers - responsible for investigating all fire and safety complaints  
    • Emergency Management Officer 

    The main responsibilities of the team are:  

    • Engineering 
    • Enforcement 
    • Education 
    • Fire Investigation 

    The Fire Prevention Division is a member of the following industry associations:  

    • Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association 
    • Canadian Fire Safety Association 
    • National Fire Protection Association 
    • National and Canadian Fire Investigator Association 
    • Ontario Fire & Life Safety Educator Association 
    • Institution of Fire Engineers 

    Programs implemented since January 2000:

    • Fire Safety Plans for all facilities/buildings when required by the National Fire Code of Canada 
    • Emergency Lock Box program for Fire Department access during emergencies 
    • Fire Routes for property access complete with signage 
    • Annual fire drills in all facilities 
    • Fire and building code training for fire fighters and new recruits 
    • Development of guidelines and procedures for fire investigations 
    • Fire and building code inspections 

    Future Initiatives

    • In-company fire inspections and building familiarization programs for fire suppression personnel
    • Fire investigation training for all fire suppression officers 

    Continuing Education

    Upgrading skills is an important part of Fire Prevention. To ensure our personnel are up to date, all fire prevention officers attend developmental training courses on a regular basis.


    In accordance with the National Fire Code of Canada, all GTAA sites and facilities are inspected on an annual basis. (This amounts to approximately 600 inspections per year.) During inspections of new facilities, or facilities undergoing alterations of some kind, Fire Prevention Officers work closely with project managers, construction and control officers, architects and engineers to ensure building and fire code requirements and standards are being exceeded.


    Fire Prevention Week is the highlight of the GTAA Fire Prevention Program. During this informative and educational week, various activities related to fire safety and prevention help GTAA employees and their families learn to be prepared.

    • Contests
    • Seminars
    • Public Fire Prevention displays in Toronto Pearson terminals
    • Appearances by Sparky the Fire Dog

    Throughout the rest of the year the GTAA also promotes and publicizes fire safety tips, safety bulletins and the GTAA journal.