• Pearson Connects

    We think as much about where our community is headed, as we do about where you are.

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    Pearson Connects to Jobs

    We aren’t just a transportation hub: we’re an employment hub whose growth directly corresponds to job creation and economic prosperity in Ontario.

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    Pearson Connects to the World

    Toronto Pearson is the largest and busiest airport in Canada, and we’re not slowing down.

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    Pearson Connects to the Land

    At Toronto Pearson, we don’t just look for ways to improve how we connect people to places: we look for ways to improve the land we occupy.

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    A growing airport doesn’t have to be a growing concern.

    Our Noise Management Action Plan makes ten bold commitments to ensure our airport is a responsible neighbour.

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    Helping to keep our communities clean all year round.

    Deicing all those planes needs to be managed to effectively protect the environment.

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    Bringing neighbourhoods and opportunities closer.

    A Regional Transit Centre at the airport will make better transit connectivity a reality for local businesses, employers and residents.

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    Toronto Pearson is working to ensure that we help fuel success for our region.

    The airport provides direct, daily service to more than 67% of the world’s economies.

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    Our region is growing, and that growth is driving air travel demand.

    Toronto Pearson has a bold vision to help manage the number of travellers passing through the region.

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    Toronto Pearson is helping to ensure cleaner air for local communities.

    Our 36 electric vehicle charging stations are free for passenger and community use.

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    New Work

    Did you know that the airport and surrounding area is Canada’s second largest employer?

    It’s true. Over 49,000 members of our surrounding communities come together each day to ensure that both you, and our local economy, can really go places.

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    Toronto Pearson is forecast to service 65 million passengers in the next few years.

    That’s why we are constantly pushing to make access to the airport more efficient and sustainable for employees and passengers alike.

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    Minneapolis St. Pollinators

    Airplanes aren’t the only things that take flight from Pearson.

    You may not realize it, but we also have a honeybee apiary, YYBeeZ, situated near our site as part of our larger environmental commitment to both our open skies and the creek valleys below.

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