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    Some see Toronto Pearson as a wide expanse of runways, terminal buildings, and roadways. However, we also see the open space and creek valleys that make up approximately one-third of our airport’s land.

  • From the Etobicoke Creek Trail to our honeybees, we take extensive steps to protect the natural resources and wildlife habitats surrounding the airport. Toronto Pearson is committed to ensuring all airport activities are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, while also meeting the demands of a growing air travel industry.

    Additionally, Toronto Pearson aims to reduce the airport’s impact on surrounding communities and environments, while operating in a safe, secure, and financially sustainable manner, in order to be a good neighbour.

    The goals of our Environmental Services team include:

    • Mitigating environmental impacts of airport operations;
    • Ensuring the environmental compliance of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority's (GTAA) operations and those of Toronto Pearson tenants; and
    • Being a good neighbour.
    • Creek Cleanup  
    • YYbeeZ  
    • Etobicoke Creek  

    Learn more about our corporate responsibility. Also, for more about our current initiatives, take a look at our Annual Report.