• Departure Guide

    Before you fly out of Toronto Pearson, find out everything you need to know to make things easy and stress-free. Bon voyage!

  • International Check-In at Terminal 1

    During peak hours and seasons, it’s a good idea to give yourself a little extra time for parking, check-in, security screening and baggage retrieval.

    • Peak Hours: 7 a.m.-9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.-8 p.m. daily.
    • Peak Seasons: Winter holiday season, March Break, Summer.

    3 Hours

    Please check in at least 3 hours prior to departure.

    Alert icon.

    CATSA Enhanced Screening for Passengers

    Effective Wednesday, July 19, new Transport Canada regulations mean passengers should prepare for enhanced security screening of electronic devices. While enhanced screening is random, to ensure the fastest trip through security screening it helps to be prepared by:

    • Ensure all electronic devices are charged and can power on.
    • Devices must be able to be removed from protective cases or covers.

    Visit www.catsa.gc.ca/breezethrough for more information and to learn how to prepare.


    Before You Arrive

    Save Time at Check-in!

    Check in from home as early as 24 hours before your flight. Find out if your airline offers online check-in.

    • Pack your own baggage and remove all old bag tags to avoid confusion.
    • Put your name and address on all checked and carry-on luggage before arriving at the airport. For security, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) recommends using your work address, where possible.
    • Check weight and size restrictions for checked baggage on your ticket or with your airline directly.
    • Verify that your baggage does not contain any restricted items. For a complete up-to-date list of restricted items please visit catsa-acsta.gc.ca.
    • Avoid carrying metal items that may trigger metal detector alarms (i.e. belts, buttons, body piercings, and steel toe shoes).

    Getting To Check-In


    Not sure where to go to get your boarding pass? Find check-in on our terminal maps.

    Terminal 1 Check in map.Terminal 3 Check in map.Terminal 1 Terminal 3  

    Once You’re Here

    • Remove or tighten all straps on duffle bags or backpacks.
    • Have your travel documents and tickets ready before you reach your counter or kiosk.
    Identification and Declarations

    Every passenger is required to have valid photo identification. Learn more about additional identification requirements.

    Gels, Liquids and Aerosols

    Learn what you can bring on Transport Canada’s website.

    International Customs

    All passengers with questions regarding customs at the country of their destination are advised to please contact the appropriate government department or embassy. More information may be found at the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada website.

    Going Through Security

    All passengers departing on flights from Toronto Pearson must proceed through pre-board security screening provided by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA). Follow these tips to keep this process running smoothly:

    • Please remove jackets, purses and carry-on bags before arriving at the front of the screening line.
    • Ensure all cameras, laptops and other devices are out of your luggage and ready for inspection.
    • Place all carry-on items in a tray for screening.
    • Remove footwear if asked.
    • Boarding passes must be shown to screening personnel and carried through the metal detector.
    Plan Ahead for Your Return to Toronto Pearson

    If you are arriving in Terminal 3 from an international origin point, you can take steps to make your arrival easier. Toronto Pearson and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have installed new border kiosks at Terminal 3. The new Primary Inspection Kiosks use digital technology to improve customs declaration and meet the need for increasing passenger volume.

    We recommend that passengers travelling through Terminal 3 take advantage of this new technology by downloading the CBSA mobile app. Canborder-eDeclaration allows you to quickly pass through customs using an automated form. Connect to Toronto Pearson’s in-terminal wifi network and download the app to your mobile device to get a head start.

    Infield Terminal

    This summer, passengers flying on Aer Lingus, WOW, Azores, Icelandair, Primera, Condor and Ukraine International will be boarding their aircraft at the Infield Terminal, accessed by bus that leaves from Terminal 3. Instead of taking a bus to an outside gate, passengers will be taken to the Infield Terminal which has services, washrooms, and six bridged gates, just like in the main airport terminals.

    Getting the Infield Terminal Bus

    Passengers who are boarding their aircraft at the Infield Terminal should go to Gate B26 after completing check-in and security screening. Busses to the Infield gates will run continuously for departing flights. Passengers should allow sufficient time for boarding and travel to the Infield Terminal to ensure they will reach their gate by the boarding time specified by their airline. Scheduled bus service from Terminal 3 to the Infield Terminal will take approximately 7-10 minutes.

    Shopping and Services

    Passengers travelling from the Infield Terminal will have access to food trucks, duty free outlets and Relay kiosks, as well as ATMs, currency exchange and vending machines. For sit-down meals and luxury shopping, passengers are encouraged to arrive early and explore Terminal 3 before catching the bus to the Infield Terminal.


    During Summer 2018, the following airline will be departing and arriving using the Infield Terminal.

    • Aer Lingus
    • Azores
    • Condor
    • Icelandair
    • Primera
    • Ukraine International
    • WOW
  • Additional Information

    For information on reserving tickets, baggage handling or special needs traveller assistance, please contact your air carrier or your travel agent, or watch the Canadian Transportation Agency videos below.