Check out Indian street food and other delicacies, from a unique menu developed by Toronto chef Hemant Bhagwani.

Terminal 1, After-Security (International), Level 2 Gates, Near Gate E78.
Hours of Operation
Monday to Sunday 4 a.m. - last flight

Aloo Chaat

Brussels Sprouts and Paneer

Chana Masala

Chicken Mappas

Dal Tadka

Fall Vegetable Biryani Paneer

Gulab Jamun

Kachumber Salad

Saag Paneer

Spring Vegetable Paneer

Vegetable Vindaloo

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Marathi offers a menu of Indian “street food” and other delicacies. The menu was developed by Toronto chef Hemant Bhagwani, whose unique approach to Indian cuisine at Amaya brings well-known Indian dishes to Toronto Pearson diners. Sample choices like Butter Chicken Naan Panini, Black Tiger Shrimp Vindaloo and Tandoori Chicken. The restaurant also offers a hearty Indian-inspired breakfast menu, sweets and beverages.

Enjoy your choice of products that cater to every lifestyle, including organic, vegan, Kosher, Halal, all-natural, no-sugar, gluten-free, heart healthy and other distinctive choices. 

All guests are welcome to join us in Marathi’s comfortable gate-side seating lounge, where every seat features an iPad for your use. Plug in, log on or just chill out while enjoying a fresh snack or just waiting for your flight.