Boccone Pronto

A grab-and-go location operated by Chef Massimo Capra, check out the fine Italian fare and grab a freshly brewed coffee before boarding.

Terminal 1, After-Security (USA), Level 2 Gates, Near Gate D39.
Hours of Operation
Monday-Sunday 5 a.m. - last flight
(416) 776-0492

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An offshoot of the Boccone Trattoria location in T1 Domestic, Boccone Pronto is a grab and go location that will also feature the culinary talent of Massimo Capra. It will entice passengers on the run with a broad selection of fine Italian fare and freshly brewed coffee.

Toronto Pearson has partnered with chef, restaurateur and author Massimo Capra to bring fresh change to Terminal 1 diners. Chef Massimo is known for his Toronto restaurants Mistura and Sopra Upper Lounge, and the Rainbow Room in Niagara Falls. He makes regular appearances on CityTV’s “Cityline,” writes a Toronto Globe & Mail column and hosts Food Network Canada’s “Restaurant Makeover” and Travel & Escape’s “Gourmet Escapes.”