• Taxis and Limousines

    There have been changes to the curb pickup areas at Terminal 1 Arrivals Level.
    Please refer to the information listed below.

    The taxis and limousines serving Toronto Pearson can take you across the city, to the suburbs or wherever you want to go.

    Taxi and Limousine Pick-Up Locations


    Taxis & Limousines
    Doors C & D
      Terminal-3 Domestic Arrivals
    Taxis & Limousines
    Door B  
    Terminal – 3 International Arrivals
    Taxis & Limousines
    Door F  

    Passengers are advised not to hire drivers soliciting inside the terminals or asking guests to follow them to the parking garage or any other location due to safety reasons.



    The 360 taxis and 276 limousines serving Toronto Pearson are fully licensed, ensuring that vehicles meet specific safety requirements - and that passengers are guaranteed fair and consistent rates.

    Within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), rates are predetermined based on the time and distance to your destination. Fares for taxis to destinations outside of the GTA are listed on the Out-of-Town Tariff map. Any area that is not listed on this tariff map will be $1.45/km for taxis, or $1.55/km for limousines. Click on one of the zone maps below for current rate information. Guests are advised to ask drivers to provide fare from tariff chart before leaving the terminal.

    Due to significant and sustained increases in fuel prices, Toronto Airport Taxi cab and Limousine operators may charge, on a trip basis, a Fuel Surcharge – as provided in the accompanying chart – based on the average price per liter of regular gasoline over successive 90-day periods.

    Average 90-day Regular Fuel Price/Litre Fuel Surcharge (maximum per trip)
    $ 0.50 - $ 0. 90 $ 0.00
    $ 0.91 - $ 1.19 $ 1.00
    $ 1.20 - $ 1.39 $ 2.00
    $ 1.40 - $1.59 $ 3.00
    $ 1.60 - $ 1.79 $ 4.00
    $ 1.80 - $ 2.00 $ 5.00


    Pre-booking is not required for passengers leaving the airport, but it’s always an option. Taxis and limos are available at the Arrivals Level of each terminal. When you're ready to go, so are they.  

    Pre-Arranged Taxis and Limousines

    To pre-arrange a taxi or limousine service for your return to Toronto Pearson, please contact your preferred taxi company. Upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the designated areas and notify the Pre-arranged Dispatcher that you are waiting.

    • Terminal 1: Door A
    • Terminal 3: Door E

    Pre-Arranged Vehicle Service Fees Effective September 1, 2012

    Vehicle Fees (Inclusive of HST)
    Sedan | Van | SUV $15.00 CDN
    Stretch Limousine | Sprinter  $27.00 CDN
    Mini Bus (13-25 seats) $49.00 CDN
    Bus (26+ seats) $93.00 CDN
    *All prices are in Canadian dollars.


    For travellers who have charter bus pick up arrangements: upon arrival at the airport, proceed to the arrivals level curbside and provide any Traffic Commissionaire the bus company name and charter number. The Traffic Commissionaire will then dispatch the chartered bus and advise you of the designated pick up location, which will be assigned at the time.

    For travellers being picked up in Terminal 1, once the bus is dispatched please proceed to the Ground level at the designated post number provided by the Traffic Commissionaire. Travellers in Terminal 3 will remain on the arrivals level and be given the post number of pick up.

    Travelling with Animals

    Municipal By-Laws give the choice to drivers to refuse passengers with animals. This does not apply for passengers travelling with Service Animals. Passengers with Service Animals will be provided with the first vehicle in line up.

    If you have an animal to be taken in a taxi/limo and cannot find a taxi/limo willing to accommodate you, please request the attendant at the curb to summon a taxi/limo that will carry an animal.