• Changing Exhibits in Terminal 1

    What better place than Toronto Pearson – where people of all cultures and backgrounds come together – to showcase exhibits of art, design, history, science, popular culture and national history. Our ever-changing exhibits feature works by cultural institutions, organizations, collectors, art groups and even the GTAA.

    With special emphasis on local institutions and those from around the province, our partners include:

    • Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
    • CONTACT Photography Festival
    • Design Exchange
    • Ontario Crafts Council
    • Open Studio
    • Royal Ontario Museum.

    The program also includes open calls for the submission of new works for thematic exhibitions.

    Explore our Current Exhibits

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    • The Project

      Project Intent

      The Art and Exhibits Program create a strong sense of place through exhibitions and installations that provide an engaging, entertaining and informative experience. The program appeals to both first time and frequent travellers alike.

      This project is intended to enliven a long corridor and improve the airport experience for our passengers. The Art and Exhibits Program at Toronto Pearson is guided by three themes: airports and aviation, national and regional identity and local engagement. For this project, the artwork must reflect the theme of Canadian national and regional identity, which could include but is not limited to:

      • The landscape (including flora, fauna and water)
      • Urban or rural life, including the built environment
      • People/culture

      The Site and Series

      • Six locations are designated for artwork; each is approximately 1.9 metres high x 14 metres long.
      • Photographs will be scaled accordingly for the space. Each location will accommodate approximately five or six images, depending upon size and orientation (portrait or landscape). (For example, landscape oriented images would be printed at approximately 1.5 metres x 2 metres).
      • Each selected artist will be given two locations, for a total of approximately 10 to 12 images. Each of the artist’s two locations may be treated as separate series, or the series may cover both locations.

      The series will be accompanied by the artist’s name and brief descriptive text. The GTAA and the selection committee will select the location for the work.

      Production, Installation and Artist Fee

      The selected photographs will be produced on adhesive vinyl and mounted directly on the wall. The GTAA will manage the production and installation, and cover all associated costs. The artist is not required to attend any production meetings or participate in the installation.

      The selected photographs must be submitted for production as .tif files, 100 dpi at full size or 400 dpi at one-quarter size. Do not submit images for consideration at this size – see Submission Requirements.

      The artist is required to provide one smaller scale, archival quality, signed print from the series (GTAA’s choice) which will become part of the GTAA’s corporate collection.

      The artist will receive an exhibition fee of $2,500.

    • Submission


      • Open to established Canadian photographers, at least 21 years of age. Artists must currently reside in Canada.
      • The Art and Exhibits Program is committed to equal opportunity. All qualified Canadian artists are encouraged to apply.

      Subject Matter Restrictions

      Artwork placed in airports must take into consideration the sensitivities of the majority of the travelling public and common stresses about air travel. In addition, the nude human figure or sexually suggestive imagery will never be displayed at the airport. Also unacceptable are images depicting terrorism, violence, aviation accidents, or any other images or statements that, in the public’s view, could negatively reflect on the perceived safety of air travel. Partisan or other overtly political statements are not appropriate, nor are messages or images that could be perceived by the public as a commercial message or endorsement of a business or commercial product. Images or statements that may be interpreted by the public as promoting a specific, identifiable religion or spiritual tradition are not appropriate unless it is in the context of documenting historic or contemporary landmark structures or individuals, or referencing well-known works of art of a religious nature. Finally, statements or images that, in the opinion of the GTAA, may offend potential viewers if placed in an airport are not appropriate.

      Submission Requirements and Process

      Images, CV, and application form must be received by 5 p.m., Friday March 20, 2015. Artists can submit one (1) series of 10 to 12 works or two (2) series of five to six works each.

      • Submissions must include:
        • CV
        • Application form
        • Statement about each series
        • Images
      • Entry is by online submission only. CDs, slide or email submissions are not accepted.
      • Use .jpg images, 300 dpi resolution. Maximum file size per image 500KB.
      • Image files must be labeled as: [Artist surname].[Series#]_[Title of work].jpg. For example: Jones_Series1_ViewOfToronto.jpg
      • A statement about each series must be provided (maximum 200 words per series).
      • Work must be original.

      Selection Committee

      Lee Petrie, Curator, Toronto Pearson International Airport

      Emily McInnes, Founder and Director, EYE BUY ART

      Toni Hafkenscheid, Photographer and photography instructor

      Selection Criteria

      • Artistic merit
      • Reflection of the theme
      • Professional qualifications of the artist (exhibitions, reviews, education, other relevant experience)

      Notification and Accepted Work

      • Artists will be notified in the week of April 6, 2015. Accepted artists will have approximately two weeks to prepare the image files for the printer.
      • A work may be disqualified if it was misrepresented by the images used in the selection process.
      • The GTAA has permission to photograph the selected works and use the images of the selected works for the GTAA’s publicity, educational and reference purposes.
      • The display location for each series selected will be at the discretion of the GTAA.

      Inquiries should be sent to Photo2015@gtaa.com. Please note that inquiries will receive a reply after February 12.

  • Eamon Mac Mahon: Amazon of the North

    Eamon Mac Mahon: Amazon of the North

    Until June 15, 2015. Terminal 1, Level 3, bridge/corridor between check in and departures.

    Eamon Mac Mahon is a Canadian artist working with photography and video. He grew up in the coal-mining town of Grande Cache, Alberta, exposing him to the Canadian wilderness at a young age – this exposure is reflected in his work. Amazon of the North portrays a deep connection and respect for the Canadian Boreal Forest.

    The images on display capture scenes of the Canadian Boreal Forest from east to west, presenting various ecosystems touched and untouched by human development. The forest has always instilled a strong sense of well-being in Mac Mahon, and as a child it offered a space for exploration. The work reveals the natural functions and human developments within the forest that affect a range of ecosystems and unique and sensitive species.

    This exhibition is curated by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment. The Toronto-based arts organization uses art and design to bring awareness to environmental concerns.