• Changing Exhibits in Terminal 1

    What better place than Toronto Pearson – where people of all cultures and backgrounds come together – to showcase exhibits of art, design, history, science, popular culture and national history. Our ever-changing exhibits feature works by cultural institutions, organizations, collectors, art groups and even the GTAA.

    With special emphasis on local institutions and those from around the province, our partners include:

    • Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
    • CONTACT Photography Festival
    • Design Exchange
    • Ontario Crafts Council
    • Open Studio
    • Royal Ontario Museum

    The program also includes open calls for the submission of new works for thematic exhibitions.

    Explore our Current Exhibits

  • Viva Sport! Athletic Diversity in Action

    BMX helmetRoller figure skating – American champion Nancy Lee Parker in the 1940sWheelchair rugby offensive chair

    Until September 14, 2015. Terminal 1, Malton Airport Gallery, above the Arrivals Area.

    Everyone is familiar with the 100 metre sprint, diving, and tennis. But what about some of the newer or less well-known sports? Viva Sport explores some of the extreme and unusual sports that will make this summer’s games exciting.

    The exhibition will include sections on:

    • Goalball: a team sport for visually impaired athletes originally developed to assist with the rehabilitation of blind WWII veterans;
    • Waterskiing: athletes have just 20 seconds to perform a routine of flips, jumps, and spins;
    • Wakeboarding: a wild mash-up of surfing, skateboarding, and waterskiing;
    • BMX: starting in the streets of California in the 1960s, by 1981 the sport had its own World Championships;
    • Roller Figure Skating: remarkably similar to figure skating on ice, but more technically difficult; and
    • Wheelchair rugby: an exciting, full-contact sport invented in Canada and originally called Murderball.

  • Eamon Mac Mahon: Amazon of the North

    Eamon Mac Mahon: Amazon of the North

    Until June 15, 2015. Terminal 1, Level 3, bridge/corridor between check in and departures.

    Eamon Mac Mahon is a Canadian artist working with photography and video. He grew up in the coal-mining town of Grande Cache, Alberta, exposing him to the Canadian wilderness at a young age – this exposure is reflected in his work. Amazon of the North portrays a deep connection and respect for the Canadian Boreal Forest.

    The images on display capture scenes of the Canadian Boreal Forest from east to west, presenting various ecosystems touched and untouched by human development. The forest has always instilled a strong sense of well-being in Mac Mahon, and as a child it offered a space for exploration. The work reveals the natural functions and human developments within the forest that affect a range of ecosystems and unique and sensitive species.

    This exhibition is curated by No.9: Contemporary Art and the Environment. The Toronto-based arts organization uses art and design to bring awareness to environmental concerns.