• Economic Impact

    Whether you’re moving from one end of the country to the other, transporting a champion horse to its next race, or setting up a tradeshow overseas, our job is to get you – and your cargo – where you need to go.

    Located right in the industrial core of Canada, Toronto Pearson is the second-busiest North American gateway to Europe, and Canada’s primary air hub. Our airport handles the most Canadian/U.S. traffic on the continent and more than 30 per cent of Canada’s air traffic.

    With our excellent facilities, inviting new flight routes, lower landing fees and work on new initiatives, we understand and are proud of our economic impact on the community.


    Toronto Pearson generates:

    • Directly, over 40,000 full-time jobs
    • Indirectly, over 185,000 jobs in the surrounding community.


    Your Voice - Collaboration and Community Building

    We wouldn’t be who we are today without the knowledge, passion and vested interest our employees. In fact, several employee ideas and initiatives generated through our Your Voice program have been put into practice – and even with significant cost savings!

    Toronto Pearson is also proud to partner with local companies who share our values on the economy and environment.


    For many of our guests, Toronto Pearson is the first experience they have with our city, our province and even our country. Which is why our airport holds a significant place in the tourism industry.

    To make travelers feel especially welcome, we partner with local artists and cultural organizations to show our passengers a glimpse of the events happening in the Greater Toronto Area. We also keep an open dialogue with airlines, tourism agencies and other organizations to help promote this incredible part of the world.