Heirloom Bakery Café

Local baker and entrepreneur Devin Connell brings healthy, light entrees and delicious baked goods to Terminal 1 with Heirloom Bakery Café. Enjoy healthy options like the “Detox Salad” and indulge in offerings like decadent chocolate brownies. All items are created with the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. Enjoy your choice of products that cater to every lifestyle, including organic, vegan, Kosher, Halal, all-natural, no-sugar, gluten-free, heart healthy and other distinctive choices.

All guests are welcome to join us in Heirloom Bakery’s comfortable gate-side seating lounge, where every seat features an iPad for your use. Plug in, log on or just chill out while enjoying a fresh snack or just waiting for your flight.


Terminal 1, After-Security (International), Level 2 Gates.
Note:Near Gate E75.

  • 1-866-508-3558

  • Monday-Sunday: 
  • 4 a.m. - last flight